Press Release: Endangered Acquisition

It is with great pleasure today that we can announce that “The T21 Journey” have entered into an agreement to acquire, strengthening our position as a place where topical stories related to the Down Syndrome Community can be discussed in a rational and factual way.

Our goal is to transform the way the world views and thinks about people living with Down Syndrome, their abilities, their talents while not shying away from the truth, always providing data to support our articles, videos and interviews. Our mission to advocate for the Down Syndrome community remains unchanged.

With this acquisition of we will continue the excellent work started by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society and discuss this controversial and emotion filled topic.

We hope that visitors to both websites will continue to read our stories and follow our campaigns.

We are really excited with what the future now holds for The T21 Journey.

Meet the Author

Since 2019, we have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars researching all things related to Down Syndrome and Autism in order to help Mickell reach his maximum potential. From Apps to products to therapes we have researched it and tryed it. We leave no stone unturned learning and sharing new things with you. Learn more about how our T21 Journey began, and why he decided to start this cereal blog. If you want to send Tony a quick message, then visit his contact page here.

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