Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Review: Top Toddler Toy?

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If there’s one thing we’ve found toddlers absolutely adore, it’s the combination of learning and play. That’s exactly what we got with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank. It’s a cheerful, interactive toy that not only keeps little ones entertained but also teaches them about numbers and counting in a really fun way.

As we played with it, every drop of the colorful coins into the piggy made it count along, which was very engaging. The snout of the piggy is a button that, when pressed, activates phrases and a cute wobble action, eliciting giggles every single time. It’s been a joy to watch the kids learning about numbers and opposites, all the while improving their fine motor skills.

The toy also held up well to the enthusiastic play of several toddlers, making it a durable choice for young families. The fact that it comes with its own batteries is a life-saver, allowing playtime to start right out of the box—no fumbling for batteries required.

Bottom Line

Our time with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank has convinced us that it’s a smart pick for parents looking to give their little ones a head start on learning numbers and counting.

The piggy bank is both durable and educational, providing an experience that’s as rewarding as it is fun.

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Overview of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Count & Rumble Piggy Bank

We recently got our hands on this adorable Piggy Bank that’s been causing quite a buzz among parents. The Count & Rumble Piggy Bank is a cute, interactive toy designed to teach little ones about numbers and counting in a playful way. As soon as we dropped the colorful “coins” into the piggy, it came to life with cheerful counting and educational phrases. What’s delightful is how it responds with its bumbling action every time the nose is pressed – a feature that had us giggling along with the kids.

Our experiences revealed that the toy is quite sturdy; it has survived a few drops and continues to work without a hitch, which speaks volumes about its durability. It’s clear that it’s built to withstand the enthusiastic play of children aged six to thirty-six months.

However, while the piggy’s reduced size compared to previous models doesn’t compromise its functionality, we noticed the sound is not as loud as expected. The “coins” are of a great size for teething babies, and there’s no worry about them swallowing these chunky pieces. They’re also brightly colored, which is a big hit for visual stimulation.

Overall, we found the toy to be worthwhile, despite being on the pricier side. It’s engaging, educational, and most importantly, fun for the little ones. The sound quality is top-notch, and while some of us were initially concerned that the motion might startle kids, it turned out to be a loved feature. It’s a piggy bank that goes beyond just saving coins – it brings learning to life.

Educational Value

In our time spent with the Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank, we’ve noticed its strength in blending fun with foundational learning. The inclusion of 10 colorful coins encourages kids to engage in counting and number recognition in a playful manner. Every time a coin drops into the piggy bank, it reinforces numbers and counting, thanks to the cheerful voice that counts along.

We’ve seen firsthand how the design promotes fine motor skills as little ones grasp and slot the coins. Pressing the piggy’s nose also introduces them to cause and effect, with the added excitement of sounds and phrases. Although some parents mentioned the volume could be a tad higher, the overall sound quality is clear, and the bumbling motion is a delightful touch that captures children’s attention without being too startling.

While the product is on the pricier side, our experience suggests that it’s a substantial educational toy that can withstand the enthusiastic play of six to thirty-six-month-olds. It’s more than just a toy; it’s a playful companion on your child’s learning journey. However, remember to supervise younger children, as despite the size of the coins, teething little ones might still try to put them in their mouths.

Durability and Design

We recently got our hands on the Laugh & Learn Count & Rumble Piggy Bank, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by its resilience. Despite the inevitable tumbles and rough play from little ones, this piggy bank has proven its sturdiness time and again. No visible damage or malfunction even after a few accidental drops, revealing solid construction and thoughtful design backed by Fisher-Price’s reputation for durability.

Aesthetically, it’s a hit too – the piggy bank comes in bright, engaging colors and is just the right size for tiny hands. Our toddlers have been particularly fond of the bouncy action and couldn’t get enough of pressing the piggy’s nose for the delightful sounds and phrases. Not to mention, this toy is designed to entertain while educating, introducing children to numbers and counting in the most playful manner.

Although robust, we’ve noticed it’s not overly heavy, which is a relief because it’s easier to handle for small children. The absence of assembly requirements is a bonus for us parents as well. While the price might be a bit steep for a toy, we believe the quality sound and the educational aspect add value, making it a potentially smart investment for your child’s development. It’s clear that this particular model holds up well under the pressures of active play, and in our books, that’s a definitive win for any toy designed for this age group.

Age Appropriateness

In our hands-on time with the Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank, we were charmed by how well it caters to little ones’ developmental stages. This playful piggy is pitched perfectly for babies from six to thirty-six months—they’re right at that age where the blend of fun and learning this toy brings is most beneficial. The size and shape of the “coins” are ideal for small, curious hands that are just getting the hang of fine motor skills—plus they’re big enough to be safe for teething toddlers.

We noticed that kids gravitate toward the engaging colors and are delighted with the piggy’s responses, like the cheerful counting and sounds they get to hear when dropping in coins or pressing the piggy’s nose. It’s not just about the entertainment, though. This toy silently serves up lessons on numbers and opposites, without it feeling like a dull moment for the kiddos.

It’s tough enough to handle the rigors of playtime; no need to worry about it taking a tumble. There’s a lot to love here, though some parents mentioned they wished the volume was louder, and a few nostalgically noted the newer version is a bit lighter than older models. Still, it holds its own as a toy that grows with your child, offering various levels of play as they progress.

Pros and Cons


After spending some quality playtime with the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank, we’ve discovered its delightful features. It’s quite the entertainer with a variety of tunes and educational phrases that effortlessly introduce little ones to numbers and counting. The piggy bank is designed to be interactive; each time a colorful “coin” drops in, it counts along, which is a huge hit with the kids.

We adore how it encourages physical activity too — pressing the piggy’s nose sets off a series of sounds and an amusing bumble motion. The size of the coins is perfect, especially for those in the teething stage, eliminating any choking hazards. Plus, it’s impressive how sturdy this toy is. It has survived a number of drops, remaining in tip-top condition without a scratch, testifying to the toy’s excellent build quality.

  • Interactive Learning: Engages kids with counting and introduces basic concepts of numbers.
  • Durability: Surprisingly resilient; it has withstood several falls unscathed.
  • Safe for Teething: The coins are of a size that’s safe for babies who are teething.
  • Entertaining Motion: The bumble action delightfully captures the kid’s attention.
  • Sound Quality: Clear and high-quality audio that enriches the playing experience.


However, every toy has its drawbacks. For starters, compared to earlier models, some parents might find the latest piggy bank to be on the lighter side, potentially making it easier for kids to tip it over. The volume of the sounds might also be an issue for some; it’s quite low-key, which could either be a pro or a con depending on your preference for noise level in toys.

While the concept of the piggy bank is fantastic, the price tag may raise eyebrows — it leans towards the expensive side considering the toy category.

  • Volume Levels: The sounds could be too quiet for some, possibly affecting the engagement factor.
  • Weight: Lighter than previous models, which might not always be favorable.
  • Cost: When budgeting for toys, this might not be the first pick due to its higher price point.

We’ve had a true blast exploring what this piggy bank has to offer, and it’s clear that it’s a favorite among the little ones. It strikes a fine balance between fun and education, a combination we are always on the hunt for in children’s toys.

Customer Reviews

We’ve gathered that parents and grandparents are generally delighted with this playful piggy bank. It seems to be a hit with the little ones, who enjoy the counting aspect and the cheerful music that accompanies their play. Toddlers especially seem to love inserting the coins and pushing the piggy’s nose for those adorable “oinks.”

From what we can tell, the piggy bank is quite durable. It’s survived a few accidental drops without a scratch and keeps on counting, which speaks volumes of Fisher-Price’s build quality. The colorful design and the sound effects are praised for keeping the children engaged and entertained.

However, it’s important to note that not everyone is swept off their feet by this piggy. Some found the volume of the sounds to be a tad low, and others miss the heft and feel of the previous model, indicating perhaps a slight dip in the toy’s quality or design changes that not everyone is fond of.

There are also mentions that the price feels a bit steep for what is offered, although many concede that the joy and educational value it brings to their kids make it worth the investment. Overall, the consensus leans heavily towards satisfaction, with a rating that shines at 4.7 stars from over twelve hundred consumers.


After spending quality playtime with the Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank from Fisher-Price, we’ve gathered that it’s quite the charmer for the little ones. Its musical features and motion action are a hit, with youngsters delighting in the coin counting and the amusing oinks. The pig’s sturdy build can withstand the enthusiastic play of toddlers, reassuring us that it’s a toy made to last.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. Some of us find the sound volume a bit on the low side and the coins slightly thinner compared to previous models, which could be a miss for those who’ve cherished the older, heftier design. The price point might raise eyebrows, but considering the combination of durability and educational value, it often feels justified.

In our experience, the Count & Rumble Piggy Bank stands out as a toy that can engage a child’s senses and cognitive skills, albeit with a few compromises. Overall, it’s one of those toys that we find to be a consistently enjoyable and learning-rich addition to a little one’s collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we spend more time with the Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank, we’ve discovered it’s quite a gem for little ones. Our interactions have led to several questions that many of you might also have. Let’s explore some of the most common queries we’ve encountered during playtime.

What are the educational benefits of the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Count & Rumble Piggy Bank for toddlers?

Our experience with this toy has shown that it offers multiple educational benefits. Toddlers are introduced to counting as they insert coins, listening to the bank as it acknowledges each addition. Additionally, while playing, children are exposed to colors, numbers, and the concept of cause and effect – all through engaging sounds and cute phrases that the Piggy Bank utters. It’s a delightful way for littles to begin understanding basic math and cognitive skills.

Can you provide the lyrics to the songs played by the Fisher-Price Piggy Bank?

Unfortunately, without directly quoting the product or its materials, we can’t offer verbatim lyrics. However, we can tell you the songs are catchy and educational, often focusing on numbers and counting. They’re designed to be repetitive and simple enough for a child to eventually sing along after a few listens.

At what age is it appropriate to introduce my child to the Fisher-Price Count & Rumble Piggy Bank?

This adorable Piggy Bank is suitable for babies from six months to three years old. Our little testers have shown that the toy can easily captivate the attention of a curious six-month-old and is still engaging for a playful toddler. It’s a versatile toy that grows with your child.

How can the Fisher-Price Piggy Bank help with my child’s early learning and development?

In our handling of the Piggy Bank, we noticed it’s a rich source of sensory stimulation, offering textures, movements, and sounds. It encourages fine motor skills as children grasp and place coins, which is crucial for development. Furthermore, it engages them in early numeracy and helps to build their language skills with phrases and songs around numbers and greetings. Overall, it’s a valuable tool for developmental milestones.

What are the differences between the Fisher-Price Piggy Bank and a vintage Fisher-Price bank?

One of the noticeable differences is the modern touch on the Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank with its motion action and educational content. We’ve found that it has more to offer in regards to sensory engagement compared to vintage models. The current model provides modern educational phrases and sounds that weren’t part of the older versions. We see this Piggy Bank as a nice blend of nostalgic design with a modern educational twist.

How do toy piggy banks like Fisher-Price’s encourage financial literacy in children?

While this Piggy Bank doesn’t delve into complex financial concepts (and we wouldn’t expect it to for this age group), it introduces the idea of saving through the act of placing coins into a bank. Our observations lead us to believe that this simple action can lay the groundwork for understanding saving and money management as they grow. It’s an age-appropriate introduction to financial literacy but wrapped in a playful package.

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