Introducing Mickell the little man on his T21 Journey!

Introducing Mickell the little guy who joined us in 2019 and we started a T21 Journey, this picture was taken the day after he was born after he was transferred to the neonatal unit as he was unable to regulate his body temperature, this is a common issue for children born with Down Syndrome and requires monitoring.

Mickell was just 5lbs when born and was delivered naturally at 36 weeks. We should have realized he would be quite stubborn as he made us wait during a long labor.

Look at those fingernails for a one-day-old! Every time I look at his photos I remember some different small detail. The hat was knitted by a group of parents who lost their little angels and who now donate items they have made to the neonatal unit.

How wonderful is that for people to do good even when grieving, there is still lots of goodness in the world.

Every child and adult’s T21 Journey will be different and sometimes difficult. There will be tremendous moments of elation when a new first is experienced. There will be times of immense stress when they can’t kick that chest infection due to poor muscle tone and end up in A&E.

What I can say is that the joy and happiness your child living with Down Syndrome will bring you is immeasurable, you can’t put a number or a feeling on the joy that little smile brings every time it flashes at you.

Be brave, be strong, be kind, and be compassionate, you got this.

If you want to share your story with us, we would be delighted to create and publish a series.

Meet the Author

Since 2019, we have spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars researching all things related to Down Syndrome and Autism in order to help Mickell reach his maximum potential. From Apps to products to therapes we have researched it and tryed it. We leave no stone unturned learning and sharing new things with you. Learn more about how our T21 Journey began, and why he decided to start this cereal blog. If you want to send Tony a quick message, then visit his contact page here.

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