DS Facts: What are the physical characteristics of someone with Down Syndrome?

People with Down syndrome may share some common physical characteristics, but not all individuals with Down syndrome have the same features. Some of the physical characteristics that may be present in people with Down syndrome include:

  1. A flattened facial profile, with a small nose and upward slanting eyes.
  2. A small head and ears.
  3. A short neck.
  4. Short stature.
  5. Poor muscle tone (hypotonia) and loose ligaments.
  6. A single crease across the palm of the hand.
  7. Small hands and feet.
  8. A protruding tongue.
  9. White spots on the iris of the eye.

It is important to note that these characteristics vary among individuals with Down syndrome and are not always present. Additionally, individuals with Down syndrome may have other health conditions or developmental delays that are not related to their physical appearance. (source: Mayo Clinic)

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